About Tanya Milne

Tanya Milne lives in Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not writing, you might find her wandering through an old home in the country, dreaming up stories with dark secrets, haunted pasts and seeds of hope.

Tanya spent her early years on a farm in Queensland. There she experienced the freedom of roaming the countryside and exploring the hidden nooks inside her creaky old home, letting her imagination grow wild. As she grew up, Tanya moved many times in regional Queensland, experiencing the rich tapestry of life.

Further to completing an arts history  degree and a postgraduate business communication diploma, Tanya has had a successful career in communication and change management, honing her writing skills. Through her work with World Vision, she is passionate about helping to create better futures for those in need.

Tanya has been writing creatively since she was a child. She’s particularly drawn to writing adult fiction books, bringing together the modern day and the past. She enjoys delving into themes exploring love, loss and the strength of women. Her obsessions with nature, history and old homes inevitably find their way into her stories.

Tanya also writes stories that take children and teenagers on thrilling, magical adventures, while helping them understand the world around them. She has published a young adult series, and her middle grade novel was shortlisted for the Affirm Press Mentorship Award.