Tanya Milne, Author

When I’m not writing, you might find me wandering through an old home in the country, dreaming up stories with dark secrets, haunted pasts and seeds of hope.

Lover of books, words and story.

Many stories, one thread of humanity.

Lyrical, gripping with a strong pinch of love and a touch of magic.

What people are saying

Wow !

A complex and stunning emotional ride through a future where we let the mistakes of the past repeat, this is what awaits you. Will love and wisdom overcome the power of pure evil and a thirst for power that almost destroyed this world once before?


Review, The Witch Born to Ignite

This series and this author is witchcraft as it has bewitched me. It continues to hold its place with the likes of Leigh Bargugo, Emily Duncan and Margaret Owen but with a modern setting.


Review, The Witch Born to Burn

The Witch Born to Scorch is such an epic conclusion for me and I loved it so much.


Review, The Witch Born to Scorch

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